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International Capacity Building

Viviana Cadena Ruiz Banding intern with YWAR 2004 cropped (72ppi 3x)KBO’s International Capacity Building fosters training and information exchange throughout the Americas. Our international programming includes recruiting student volunteer interns from outside the US for our banding training program, participation in international banding training projects, and research collaborations and technical support partnerships with bird observatories in Latin America and the Caribbean. Long-running partnerships with US Forest Service International Programs and Oregon State University make this work possible.

San Pancho Bird Observatory

Observatorio de Aves de San Pancho (SPBO—San Pancho Bird Observatory) is a non-profit, non-advocacy organization based in San Pancho on the coast of southern Nayarit, Mexico. SPBO is dedicated to bird and habitat conservation in the region and uses an

International Training and Internships

KBO’s International Internship Program has hosted 283 young professionals and university students from 17 countries as interns in our long-term monitoring and training programming since 1999.

Costa Rica Bird Observatories

Observatorios de Aves de Costa Rica (CRBO—Costa Rica Bird Observatories) is a nationwide partnership that promotes bird conservation and education in Costa Rica. CRBO works in collaboration with the National Institute of Biodiversity, US Forest Service International Programs, Humboldt Bay Bird Observatory, and KBO.

Mantiqueira Bird Observatory

Observatório de Aves da Mantiqueira (OAMa—Mantiqueira Bird Observatory) was established in 2017 by former interns and visiting Research Scholars Luiza Figueira Rodrigues and Pedro Martins. OAMa is a non-profit organization whose goal is to advance scientific knowledge in Brazilian ornithology and promote habitat and bird conservation in the Brazil’s threatened Atlantic Forest. OAMa

Trinidad & Tobago Bird Studies Program

The Trinidad & Tobago Bird Studies Program is comprised of the efforts of three former KBO international interns. Daveka Boodram, Caleb Walker, and Carl Fitzjames, Jr. provide fieldwork and technical support to University of West Indies research studies. They also

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