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Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Educator’s Kit

Welcome to the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Educator Kit! Here you will find exciting new resources and lesson plans that will guide your teaching about birds as ecological indicators in our shared environment.

The purpose of the kit is to provide placed-based, science, and natural resources lesson plans to encourage the study of local habitats and to challenge students to think critically about 21st century issues.

Each lesson plan is followed by corresponding student journal sheets and visual aides. The lesson plan provides background information, simple and clear procedures, helpful teacher tips, supplementary extensions, “fun fact” side panels, and other field trip ideas. Essentially, you should be able to pick a lesson plan and have all the information you need without additional research The lesson plans are aligned to Oregon State Science Standards, allowing you to meet them. Enjoy!
Lesson Plans and Worksheets:


Bird Biology: Birds of Oregon Field Guides and Birds of Oregon cards, Camouflage and Coloring, Behave Like a Bird, Population Patterns, Evolution of Birds

Birds as Indicators for the Environment: Habitat Discoveries, Birds and Meadows, Exploring Oak Habitats, Birds as Indicators of Mixed-conifer Forest, Biology of Birds and Burns

Birds, People and Conservation: Birds and Biomimicry, Human Impact to Wetlands, Native Bird Conservation, State of the Birds, Stakeholder Role Play, Making a Bird-iful Habitat, Exploring eBird

Resources and Appendices

Funding for curriculum development, teacher training, and resources was provided by the Forest Service’s More Kids in the Woods Grant. Photographic images used throughout curriculum and resources were donated by Southern Oregon resident, Jim Livaudais.

Klamath Bird Observatory would like to thank you for your interest in the More Kids in the Woods Educator’s Kit and your endeavors to integrate eco-literacy into youth education. Klamath Bird Observatory is a non-profit organization advancing bird and habitat conservation through science, education, and partnerships. If you have additional questions about KBO or the Educator Kit please contact us.

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