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Professional Education

Banding training Jim Field and Josee Rousseau 72 ppi 3 x 4Our Professional Training and Information Exchange programming is helping create the next generation of conservation practitioners in our world. Through internships, workshops, curriculum development, and international capacity building, we provide opportunities for technical skill training and leadership development for conservation professionals and students throughout the Americas. This holistic approach to information and training exchange expands our conservation influence throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, as we work with partner-driven programs that protect birds throughout their full-life-cycle including the breeding, migrating, and wintering seasons.

Bird Banding Curriculum

This Curriculum is based on the North American Banding Council’s collection of training manuals plus supplemental study materials and original content. It consists of Theory and Practical segments derived from the NABC Trainee Report Card.

Online Banding Course

The Fundamentals of Bird Banding (Passerine) course is based on the North American Banding Council Passerine Banding Curriculum. The “classroom” style course provides instruction in fundamental aspects of small bird capture and handling, banding, and ageing-sexing techniques. It is intended to be combined with experiential learning and practice during subsequent banding operations. The is available online at the […]


Klamath Bird Observatory offers various bird monitoring workshops. Our bird banding workshops offer a great opportunity to learn new, and refresh old, bird banding skills. Topics covered include songbird ageing and sexing techniques using molt, plumage, skulling, and other criteria, bander safety,

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