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Become a KBO Business Sponsor!

Klamath Bird Observatory recognizes that conservation occurs across many fronts, and therefore, we offer education programs that nurture a conservation ethic in our communities.

  • Professional Education – Building generations of conservation practitioners by providing technical skill development and leadership through internships, workshops, and international capacity building.
  • Community education – Providing unique and diverse learning opportunities that foster an appreciation for birds and an interest in science-based bird and habitat conservation.

Why Support Bird Education?

Birds are the indicators of our well-being. As such, our education programs foster a community that protects the natural and economic resources that are essential to both birds and people.

Birding Means Business – Birdwatchers spend $36 billion annually pursuing their hobby. In doing so, they enrich the economics of the bird-friendly places they visit. Besides their binoculars, birders bring their pocketbooks to spend money on food, lodging, entertainment, gifts, and services.

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Mountain Quail ($500+), White-headed Woodpecker ($1,000+), Great Gray Owl ($2,500+), Wisdom Sponsor ($5,000+)