2021-2022 Conservation Stamp Set




Put your stamp on conservation!

Each year, Klamath Bird Observatory offers a Conservation Stamp Set for purchase with proceeds supporting both national and regional conservation efforts. The 2021-22 two-stamp set includes:

  1. The Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (the Duck Stamp), and
  2. KBO’s Conservation Science Stamp.

The Federal Duck Stamp is among the most successful conservation tools ever created. Duck Stamp sales contribute directly to habitat conservation on our National Wildlife Refuges. KBO’s Conservation Science Stamp builds on this success by bringing additional support and attention to our science-driven conservation efforts.

This year’s Conservation Stamp celebrates the Avian Knowledge Network (AKN). The AKN visions a world where bird populations thrive through conservation and management informed by a network of avian knowledge. To achieve this vision, To achieve this vision, the AKN supports a network of people, data, and technology to improve bird conservation, management, and research across organizational boundaries and spatial scales. To learn more about the AKN visit Acian Knolwedge Northwest (www.Avian.KnowledgeNorthwest.net), a regional node of the AKN.

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