Latin American Band Fund


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This Fund supports our Latin American partners who are working to study the non-breeding season ecology of North America’s migratory birds. Funds are used to provide bird bands to qualified professionals who are advancing the science-driven conservation of tropical wintering habitats where our shared migratory birds overwinter.

Many North American songbird spend their winter in the tropics, where hard-working conservation professionals in Latin America are working study their non-breeding season ecology and conserve important and at-risk habitats. Bird banders in North America are lucky in that we have an established, centralized system of band distribution and tracking. Most smaller countries in the tropics are not so lucky. Many small conservation organizations in the tropics struggle to make ends meet. One of the big items that are relatively expensive and hard to get are bird bands. You can make a difference. Klamath Bird Observatory is working with Costa Rica Bird Observatories and the Institute for Bird Populations to get bird bands into the hands of qualified Latin American professionals and we need your help. Please consider donating to our “Latin America Band Fund” to support critical research and monitoring efforts being conducted by our international partners. A donation of $250 will supply a station with 1,000 bird bands – this is enough to last two years or more. However, any donation will help. For more information, contact C.J. Ralph (

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