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Support Partners in Flight: a voluntary network of committed individuals, organizations, agencies, industries and others working together for range-wide bird conservation.

Partners in Flight (PIF) is a dynamic and welcoming network of more than 150 partner organizations distributed throughout the Western Hemisphere. We are engaged in all aspects of landbird conservation from science, research, planning, and policy development, to land management, monitoring, education, and outreach. We are all dedicated to PIF’s simple, proactive mission: Keeping common birds common and helping species at risk through voluntary partnerships. To halt and reverse bird population declines before they are listed as threatened or endangered is a cost effective and common sense business model for the future.

Your contribution will help provide PIF with the resources to communicate, collaborate, and accomplish our landbird conservation goals. Specific funding needs include our World Migratory Bird Day program; maintaining and updating the Avian Conservation Assessment Database; sponsoring PIF conferences; maintaining the website; and PIF Science Committee Resource Products, such as full life-cycle distribution maps and demographic population models, migratory connectivity projects, land management guidelines.

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