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Conservation Plans

Working within the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, Partners in Flight, and other collaborations, Klamath Bird Observatory takes a lead role in developing strategic bird and habitat conservation plans and other technical publications. These plans are designed to: (1) stimulate and support a proactive approach to conservation and offer recommendations for planning efforts and habitat management actions, (2) direct cost-effective expenditures of government and non-government organizations, and (3) stimulate monitoring and research to support conservation. The plans’ recommendations serve as the biological foundation for developing and implementing conservation strategies for multiple bird species at multiple geographic scales

Click here to view/download a collection of Conservation Plans at the Avian Knowledge Northwest website.

US State of the Birds Reports

              Klamath Bird Observatory staff members serve on US North American Bird Conservation Initiative State of the Birds committees, collaborating with our country’s leading bird conservation agencies and organizations to produce U.S. State of the Birds Reports. These reports represent political, popular, and scientific recognition that birds serve as […]

Partners in Flight Conservation Plans

The Partners in Flight (PIF) plans are guides to landbird conservation. Use the 2016 PIF International Landbird Conservation Plan as a guide for landbird conservation in the United States and Canada over the next 10 years and the California PIF and Oregon-Washington PIF state-level plans for specific regional habitats.

Interagency Special Status Sensitive Species Program

The Interagency Special Status / Sensitive Species Program (ISSSSP) is an interagency program between the Pacific Northwest Regional Office of the U.S. Forest Service and Oregon/Washington State Office of the Bureau of Land Management for the conservation and management of rare species.

Additional Conservation Plans

Klamath Bird Observatory, in collaboration with many partners has developed strategic bird and habitat conservation plans and other technical publications that are detailed and information-rich. These plans represent the collective efforts of numerous individuals from multiple agencies and organizations to provide bird and habitat conservation and management guidelines.