Decision Support Tools

Klamath Bird Observatory works with partners to develop Bird Conservation Decision Support Tools (DSTs) that transfer science-based information to communities who implement strategies that benefit birds and their habitats.  Such DSTs link priority natural resource management challenges and bird conservation objectives using audience-specific delivery approaches to convey the best available scientific information through synthesis and interpretation of bird monitoring data.

Click here to access a collection of Decision Support Tools at the Avian Knowledge Northwest website.

For more information about DSTs and bird conservation see the manuscript Decision Support Tools: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Management.

Avian Knowledge Northwest

Avian Knowledge Northwest is a regional node of the Avian Knowledge Network.  This Decision Support System provides information from current and comprehensive datasets on birds and the environment for scientists, natural resource managers, and other individuals interested in conservation science in the northwestern United States.  Such information increases our understanding of bird population distributions and trends and helps to inform ecological planning and advance ecosystem conservation.  Avian Knowledge Northwest is hosted by the Klamath Bird Observatory, in partnership with Point Blue Conservation Science and the US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station.

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Conservation Plans

Conservaton Plans are a form of decision support tool.  Such plans are often detailed and information rich, representing the collective efforts of numerous individuals from multiple agencies and organizations. They are prepared to 1) stimulate and support a proactive approach to conservation and offer recommendations intended to guide planning efforts and the habitat management actions of land managers, 2) direct expenditures of government and non-government organizations, and 3) stimulate monitoring and research to support conservation. Often, the recommendations serve as the biological foundation for developing and implementing integrated conservation strategies for multiple species at multiple geographic scales to ensure functional ecosystems as indicated by healthy populations of landbirds.

Click here to view our Conservation Plans series of Decision Support Tools.

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