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Decision Support Tools

Klamath Bird Observatory works with partners to develop Bird Conservation Decision Support Tools (DSTs) that transfer science-based information to communities who implement strategies that benefit birds and their habitats. Such DSTs link priority natural resource management challenges and bird conservation objectives using audience-specific delivery approaches to convey the best available scientific information through synthesis and interpretation of bird monitoring data. For more information about DSTs and bird conservation see the manuscript Decision Support Tools: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Management.

OakBirdPop – Online Interactive Tool

OakBirdPop is an interactive tool created to inform land managers and others in the Pacific Northwest about the planning and implementation of oak habitat management and restoration actions. The goal is to help assess the projected population response of 31 oak-associated bird species to oak habitat changes. OakBirdPop is an interactive supplement to the Land […]

Bird Monitoring as an Aid to Riparian Restoration DST

This document provides an overview of the Trinity River Restoration Program, summarizes bird monitoring findings (2002-2011), and provides information for land managers with respect to bird-habitat associations and riparian restoration. CLICK HERE to access KBO’s Bird Monitoring as an Aid to Riparian Restoration DST.

Oak Woodlands and Chaparral

Chaparral provides important habitat for birds and other wildlife in oak woodland ecosystems, yet land managers concerned about the risk of severe wildfire often reduce shrubs to protect oak woodlands. To provide guidance on how to best reduce chaparral in oak restoration projects so that it still provides key habitat for shrub-associated species, we developed a decision support tool for land managers based on the results from three studies.

Riparian Fuel Treatments DST

Riparian Fuel Treatments in Intermittent and Perennial Streams: Effectiveness and Ecological Effects addresses an information gap regarding decisions to include riparian areas in fuel reduction efforts.

Birds in Mixed-Conifer Hardwood Forests DST

The Birds in Mixed-Conifer Hardwood Forests: Managing Fire-Adapted Ecosystems in Southwestern Oregon DST synthesizes KBO’s research and monitoring results and links these results to the Partners in Flight coniferous forest bird conservation plans. CLICK HERE to access KBO’s Birds in Mixed-Conifer Hardwood Forests DST.

Bird Monitoring as an Aid to Meadow Restoration DST

Bird Monitoring as an Aid to Meadow Restoration is based on a meadow restoration project implemented on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and describes how bird monitoring can produce findings that will inform future restoration and contribute to

Climate Change Modeling Tools

The Climate Change Map projects climate-driven changes in the abundances and distributions of 31 focal bird species in Oregon and Washington using climate projections and corresponding vegetation model outputs. Understanding how species distributions and abundances are likely to be

Interactive Mapping Tools

The Data Exploration Map tool is a portal to explore Avian Knowledge Northwest datasets. A variety of data types can be queried for specific areas (i.e., county, watershed, public lands) of the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion of southern Oregon and northern California.

Avian Knowledge Northwest

This Decision Support System provides information from current and comprehensive datasets on birds and the environment for scientists, natural resource managers, and other individuals interested in conservation science in the northwestern region of the United States.