Theses and Dissertations

Listed by author:
Alexander, J. D. 1999. “Bird-Habitat Relationships in the Klamath/Siskiyou Mountains.” Master’s Thesis, Ashland, Oregon: Southern Oregon University.
———. 2011. “Advancing Landbird Conservation on Western Federally Managed Lands with Management- and Policy-Relevant Science.” PhD Dissertation, Prescott, AZ: Prescott College.
Curtis, J. 2014. “60 Years of Avian Community Change in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.” Master’s Thesis, Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University.
Halstead, K. E. 2013. “A ‘Bird’s Eye View’: Using a Species Centered Approach to Examine Patterns and Drivers of Avian Species Richness in the Rogue Basin, Oregon.” Master’s Thesis, Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University.
Sabol, T. D. 2005. “Effects of Western Juniper (Juniperus Occidentalis) Removal on Avian Species Composition in Shrub-Steppe Habitat in South-Central Oregon.” M.Sc. Thesis, Ashland, OR: Southern Oregon University. 
Seavy, N. E. 2006. “Effects of Disturbance on Animal Communities: Fire Effects on Birds in Mixed-Conifer Forest.” PhD dissertation, Gainesville, FL: University of Florida.

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