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Community Science

Community science, also known as citizen science, brings the expertise of the birding public and scientists together in a wonderful and very useful way. These community-driven investigations engage the public with their natural world and contribute information that directly impacts conservation science. CLICK HERE to view community science projects at Avian Knowledge Northwest.

Bear Creek Community Bird Survey

The Rogue Valley Audubon Society, in partnership with Klamath Bird Observatory, Rogue River Watershed Council, Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, and southern Oregon birders are coming together to monitor changes in the Bear Creek bird community as riparian vegetation recovers, alterations are made to the Greenway to reduce fire risk, and habitat restoration efforts take effect.

Short-eared Owls

The Western Asio Flammeus Landscape Study (WAfLS) is a community science project designed to gather information to better evaluate the population status of this species. Such information is needed by conservation practitioners who want to design management actions that will reverse the Short-eared Owl population declines.

eBird Northwest

eBird Northwest serves as the primary community science application of Avian Knowledge Northwest by providing content and services to bird‐watching and natural resource management audiences in northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and the surrounding areas.