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Conservation Assessment for Harlequin Duck

The goal of the Conservation Assessment is to summarize existing information regarding the biology and ecology of the Harlequin Duck (Histrionicus histrionicus), threats to the species, and management considerations, and to provide information to land managers to assist in the formulation of options for management activities. This species is of concern in Oregon and Washington due to potentially declining populations in western North America, narrow breeding habitat requirements, increasing human disturbance at breeding and wintering sites, and a lack of information regarding threats, causes of declines, factors limiting population size, and basic demographic information in the Oregon and Washington portion of its range. There is regional concern that western Harlequin Ducks may be in jeopardy, but there are insufficient data to support federal listing at this time. Federal management for this species follows Forest Service (FS) Region 6 Sensitive Species (SS) and/or Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) BLM Special Status Species (SSS) policies.

The Conservation Assessment document can be searched for and found on the Interagency Species Status/Sensitive Species Program.

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