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Hummingbird Conservation Projects

Rufous Hummingbird (c) Jim Livaudais cropped flipped (72ppi 4x)

KBO is an active participant in the Western Hummingbird Partnership. The mission of the Partnership is to maintain thriving populations of hummingbirds in western North America through habitat restoration

and enhancement, population monitoring, research, and education and outreach projects.
KBO works with the Partnership’s coordinator and Steering Committee to identify priority website needs and update the website accordingly. The Western Hummingbird Partnership website is a clearinghouse for hummingbird information and includes a species database, a forage plants database, maps, outreach materials, and lists of threats, research needs, and ongoing hummingbird projects. The Partnership was a recipient of the US Forest Service’s Wing Across the Americas Award in 2018 – CLICK HERE to learn more about this recognition.
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