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Last Week to Round Up!

We are very grateful to be able to participate in the Ashland Co-op’s Change for Good Program. The last day to round up is Friday, March 31st. This is the week to forget that onion, run to the store for a late-night snack, or treat yourself to that afternoon coffee. When checking out, tell your cashier you want to round up for bird conservation.

Ask your Cashier to Round Up!

Starting March 1st thru the 31st, you can round up your change at the Ashland Food Coop to support Klamath Bird Observatory. Just ask your cashier!

Klamath Bird Observatory achieves bird conservation in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the ranges of our migratory birds. Emphasizing high-caliber science and the role of birds as indicators, we inform and improve natural resource management. Recognizing that conservation occurs across many fronts, we nurture an environmental ethic through community outreach and education. We owe our success to committed donors, volunteers, staff, and partners who demonstrate that each of us can contribute to a legacy of abundant bird populations and healthy land, air, and water.

Thank you for your support!

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Are you an Ashland Food Coop member?

Klamath Bird Observatory is in the running to secure a month in the Ashland Food Coop Change for Good Program. To secure a spot we need to be in the top 10 nonprofit organizations and to do this we need you!

Check your email from the Ashland Food Co-op for an email that was delivered on 5/24/22. This email has your ballot for the Change for Good Program! The email is titled: Ashland Food Co-op 2022 Elections. You will use the link in that email to vote for the Klamath Bird Observatory to help us become a Change for Good partner. You can vote for your top 10 of 20 favorite nonprofits. We can’t do this without you!

The voting deadline is 6/6/22 at 9 pm. PLEASE VOTE and tell your friends.

Voting is Open for the Change for Good Program!


Ashland Food Co-op (AFC) members are able to vote for their favorite nonprofits in AFC’s Change for Good Program.  Through this program, AFC helps local nonprofits raise money and outreach to the community.  Voting takes place 5/24/2022 through  6/6/2022 (till 9 pm) for MEMBERS ONLY.

If you are already a member, follow this link and vote! You can vote for your top ten favorite organizations.

Change for Good is a roundup program offered by the Co-op and helps raise money for local nonprofits when customers donate by rounding up their sales. The eleven nonprofits with the highest number of votes will secure a month of fundraising and outreach at the Co-op. (The highest vote getters secure the Co-op’s busiest months with more opportunity for fundraising).  KBO has been accepted as a candidate for this program, but it is competitive, and we need your vote to secure a fundraising month…support KBO by voting.  Please tell your friends and share on social media that way we can reach as many KBO supporters as possible during the voting period.

Thank you for supporting KBO!