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Tag: Conservation Assessment for Purple Martin

Conservation Assessment for Purple Martin

The goal of the conservation assessment is to summarize existing information regarding the biology and ecology of the western Purple Martin (Progne subis arboricola), threats to the species, and management considerations, and to provide information to land managers to assist in the formulation of options for management activities. This species remains abundant in the eastern part of its range, but the western subspecies is of concern in Oregon and Washington due to its narrow range, small population size, reductions in available habitat and cavity nesting sites, competition for remaining cavities from non-native bird species (especially European Starlings [Sturnus vulgaris]), and possibly increases in habitat loss on Brazilian wintering grounds and agricultural insecticide use during all portions of the annual cycle. Federal management for this species follows Forest Service (FS) Region 6 Sensitive Species (SS) and/or Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) BLM Special Status Species (SSS) policies.

You can search for the Conservation Assessment for the Purple Martin on the Interagency Special Status/Sensitive Species Program.