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Tag: eBird Northwest

Global Big Day – October 6!

Global Big Day—the massively international collaborative birding event—is October 6! The Global Big Day held in May the last four years has been such a success, another worldwide eBird Big Day in October makes perfect sense! Why October? Because spring is rejuvenating the southern hemisphere and the northern reaches of the world are in the midst of migration. No matter where you are, we’re confident you can find some great birds on October 6. Let’s see what we can find together on the first October Big Day!

Join eBird watchers all over the world for this single day of birding together. Information about participating in this eBird event and tips for finding more species are at the eBird Northwest website.

CLICK HERE for more information and to join the eBird Global Big Day October 6.

April in Year of the Bird!

It’s Year of the Bird April! This month’s call to action is to both celebrate the Migratory Bird Treaty Act’s century of success and raise concern about recent and abrupt changes to it. eBird Northwest has published a great article about this important law that has influenced bird and habitat conservation in many ways.

CLICK HERE to visit eBird Northwest’s “Year of the Bird: April’s Monthly Action” article about the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

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