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Tag: Spring Drive

Spring Donation Drive

Happy Spring! Spring is an invigorating time with an abundance of new life, color, and song with the return of our migratory birds! We are sure you’ve stopped to take in these familiar songs in the past few weeks (even if you don’t quite remember which bird, it is…after all, it has been a year!)

KBO collaborates with many organizations locally and throughout the Americas to help keep these birds coming “home” like our yellow-breasted chat. But what is home to a bird? Many of the birds we consider “our birds” are only here for a few months to breed, and then they travel south following their food, connecting humanity through a shared experience of enjoying these special creatures. KBO works intensively with organizations in countries such as Canada, Mexico, and Brazil to learn more about the full migratory cycle of these amazing, complicated creatures to help ensure their survival in this age of declining bird populations.

You can help KBO keep our migratory songbirds returning home to our valley every Spring. Please consider a donation to KBO today.