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Talk and Walk’s are Back!

Talk and Walk are back by popular demand. These are donation-based series that happen at a variety of locations. It is a great opportunity to explore Southern Oregon, increase your birding knowledge, and make new friends. We welcome birders on all levels. Binoculars’ are available for use.

Our first walk is on March 26th, led by Shannon Rio at North Mountain Park Nature Center starting at 9 am – 11 am FULL. Shannon is KBO’s board president and is passionate about environmental education. North Mountain Park, located next to Bear Creek in beautiful Ashland Oregon, encompasses a Nature Center, Demonstration Gardens, playing fields, and several acres of wildlife-friendly open space and trails. The mission of the Nature Center, which is part of the Ashland Parks & Recreation Department, is “to promote greater community awareness, understanding, and enjoyment of the local natural environment, and to foster stewardship through educational programs and activities.”

Celebrate Earth Day with us by birding at the Rogue River Preserve with Amanda Alford on April 23rd from 9 am – 11 am FULLA new date has been added on April 24th from 9 am – 11 am. Group size limited to 12 people. Amanda is a KBO board member and a lover of all things bird and is excited to share. The Rogue River Preserve is located along the Rogue River. The preserve is owned and managed by the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy. Its 352 acres include several distinct habitats that support remarkable biodiversity, including at least 32 rare, declining, and uncommon plant and animal species. There isn’t a better way to celebrate Mother Earth.

More dates will be added through out the year. Want to keep up to date on all things KBO? Sign up for the Klamath Call Note!





Upcoming Talk and Walk Class: Nature Photography


TALK: December 9th, 2018 Sunday 5:00-6:30pm

Join Mel Clements as he presents 4 short DVD’s (photography and music) that highlights the birds and landscape of the Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge through the four seasons of the year. A fifth DVD will feature the powerful beauty of the Great Gray Owl. Guidelines for photographing birds and other wildlife will be presented along with the ethics of bird photography. Mel will discuss how to get the best photos and disturb the birds the least. Shannon Rio will co-host the event and discuss the field trip to the Klamath Basin area.

This talk will take place in a local home and wine, bubbly water, and light snacks will be available.


Two separate dates will be set aside, one in January and one in February to go to the Klamath Basin. This trip includes a three hour tour from a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist. The guided trip starts at the Tule Lake Refuge Headquarters. The rest of the day will be exploring the Refuges auto route looking for birds and photo opportunities.

COST: $50 will cover the talk and the outing. To sign up, contact Shannon Rio at or call her at 541-840-4655.


Presented by Karl Schneck, KBO board member

Talk: October 18th Thursday 6:30-8:00pm at 320 Beach Street (old Lincoln School), Ashland, Oregon

Karl’s life-long passion for birds has guided the landscaping on his property in the foothills just outside Ashland, Oregon. In this talk, he will present the many ways a backyard can be made more attractive and useful for birds in our region. He will also introduce the feathered neighbors that now live on or have visited his backyard and who will be likely seen during the field trip.

In Karl’s words …
“With 117 species in just over three years, I feel especially grateful for the abundance of birds seen on our property two miles north of I-5 on N. Valley View Road. which consists of several habitats, including riparian, oak woodland, and grasslands. I’ve had quite a few days when I’ve traveled to see the birds and came home wondering why I didn’t just stay at home and see more species (of course, there are benefits to seeing new areas). However, when I get too old to tromp through the forests and swamps, there is comfort in knowing that I can sit on my deck and enjoy a multitude of birds.

We are still in the process of planting and improving our yard habitat for the birds. Watching the hummers feed from our penstemons is one example of adding features for the birds, as well as feeders, water, and shelter. Adding features for specific birds can be rewarding when your target bird shows up. Across the road, Bald Eagles come in to feed on the afterbirth of the cows. This year I had Barn Owl, American Kestrel, Acorn Woodpecker, Red-tailed Hawk, Golden Eagle (about a mile away), Bullock’s Oriole, Brewer’s Blackbird, Western Kingbird, Oak Titmouse, Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow, California Towhee, and undoubtedly a number of others I didn’t know about, nesting on the property.

All these birds bring great joy to my life and make a great start to the day when I walk outside in the morning and take them all in. So, my goal for this class is to share my birds with you in a walk and a light lunch, hoping you will enjoy them as much as I do.”

Walk: October 20th Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm – meet at 320 Beach Street, Ashland, Oregon

This is a field trip to Karl’s property on the edge of Ashland—bring your binoculars! Lunch will be provided (included with registration fee) on Karl’s birdy patio where the birding adventure will continue.

Fee for this Talk and Walk class is $50 ($40 for holders of the Conservation Science Stamp Set) with proceeds going directly to support KBO’s science and education programs.

Contact Shannon Rio at or call 541-840-4655 to sign up.

Registration Still Open for Great Gray Owl Talk and Walk

Presented by Mel Clements

Talk: September 28th Friday 6:30-8:00pm at 320 Beach Street (old Lincoln School), Ashland, Oregon

Great Gray Owl photographer Mel Clements will speak on his experience of photographing the Great Gray Owls of the Cascades. The presentation includes an introduction to the Great Gray Owl, its habitat, and the ethics of finding and photographing this magnificent, yet reclusive owl. His talk is accompanied by 43 of his photographs, a five minute dvd set to music, and small exhibit of framed photographs.

Walk: September 29th Saturday 6:30am-1:00pm – meet at 320 Beach Street, Ashland, Oregon

We will leave early so that we can arrive in the Cascade Lakes area at sunrise. Pack a lunch and dress warmly. Morning temperatures are around 37 degrees. Participants will car pool. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars! More information about the field trip will be given out during the Friday evening presentation.

Fee for this Talk and Walk class is $50 ($40 for holders of the Conservation Stamp Set) with proceeds going directly to support KBO’s science and education programs.

Contact Shannon Rio at or call 541-840-4655 to sign up.


TALK: February 2nd, Friday 6:30pm—8:30pm

WALK: February 3rd, Saturday or February 10, Saturday

Early February is a perfect time of year to enjoy raptor viewing in the picturesque Klamath Basin! Please join longtime KBO board member Dick Ashford, who will share his enthusiasm and knowledge during an informative Hawk ID classroom session on the evening of Feb 2nd. Then, enjoy a fun, day-long hawk watching outing to the Klamath Basin. In order to optimize your experience, half the class will be in the field on Feb 3rd, the other half on Feb 10th. The classroom session will be limited to 30 people and each of the two field trips to 15. This will allow us to carpool (a must!) in four vehicles.

Because this workshop is so popular, participants should enroll in the class as well as one of the field sessions. No “outing-only” signups, please. Please indicate what day you would like for your field trip, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in the Field Of Wonder!

To sign up or obtain more information, contact Shannon Rio at or 541-840-4655. The $30 cost includes the talk, outing and a classy handout on raptor identification.


It is hard to say what I enjoyed more. Was it the photographs Mel Clements showed us depicting the seasons of the Klamath Basin accompanied to music at the evening talk? Was it being in the Butte Valley with master birding guide Frank Lospalluto pointing out the 10 or so Golden Eagles? Or was it later in the afternoon when outing participant Kirby took us to where the 5,000 Snow Geese and 1,000 Sandhill Cranes were grazing at the back of a large pond on the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge?

Our tribe of 15 bird lovers roamed the Klamath Basin and experienced the wonder of it all: sky, landscape, raptors, and waterfowl. It was in the sharing of the beauty that we felt a sweet connection not just to the land that we love so much but also to each other.

After going on this trip one participant wrote me this email: “Well I just have to say that for my first real birding outing WOW!! Amazing! I look forward to many more birding experiences and am so grateful to have been able to join y’all yesterday and for your patience with my rudimentary questions. Best day ever!!! Hahaha – I have to laugh … cuz actually best day ever was when my daughter was born 41 years ago … and Kirk was there then, too!!?” She shared this birding adventure with the doctor who delivered her daughter. How is that for coming full circle!


KBO’s Talk and Walk series occurs throughout the year giving folks a chance to have a beautifully crafted informative talk accompanied by an outing. The next Talk and Walk will be in February and will be on Hawks of the Klamath Basin led by raptor expert Dick Ashford. Information on that will be announced soon. Contact Shannon Rio for information about the Talk and Walk series.


No cabin fever or winter blues around here – not with our upcoming Talk and Walk programs! There are birds to find in our great outdoors and no more informing and fun way to find them than with the inimitable Dick Ashford. Two Talk and Walk programs have just been added to our calendar: Raptor ID in the Klamath Basin and Waterfowl ID in the Klamath Basin – details below.




TALK: Dick Ashford, local raptor expert and longtime KBO board member, will share his enthusiasm and knowledge about raptor ID during this informative class session.

January 5th Thursday 6:30-8:00PM

WALK: Start the brand new year off right with an all-day raptor viewing outing to the picturesque Klamath Basin!

January 7th Saturday 8:00AM-6:00PM




TALK: March is that time of year when things are just “ducky”. Want to learn how to ID them? Join longtime KBO board member Dick Ashford for a fun talk on ducks, geese, and other waterfowl!

March 2nd Thursday 6:30-8:00PM

Ducks in a row ... Mallards foraging (c) Jim Livaudais 2016

WALK: We will get a chance to test our classroom knowledge in the field. Dick will plan a route that will give us our best chance of seeing the varied birdlife for which the Klamath Basin is famous – and we’ll have lots of fun doing it! Depending on water levels and weather conditions, there may be excellent opportunities for viewing thousands of migratory waterfowl.

March 4th Saturday 8:00AM 6:00PM


Cost: $25 for each talk and outing (or $50 makes you a member of KBO). Space is limited. Will schedule an extra outing day if needed. Contact – with questions or to hold your spot.


White-tailed Kite (c) 2016 Jim Livaudais

Talk: This presentation will prepare you for the Hawk Watch outing where we will sit at the top of Modoc Rim which borders Upper Klamath Lake and watch hawks fly overhead in their fall migration.

September 28th Wednesday 6:30pm-8:00pm

Walk: Hawk Watch Outing – experience viewing and identifying hawks and other raptors on their migratory journey south from a key flyway observation point.

October 1st Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm

American Kestrel (c) 2016 Jim Livaudais

Leader:  Karl Schneck

Cost:  $25 (or $50 makes you a member of Klamath Bird Observatory). To sign up or if you have questions, contact


Upcoming Talk and Walk Programs


GREAT GRAY OWL:  Phantom of the Forest

Talk: Learn about this fascinating bird that lives in our bioregional backyard – what they eat, their nests, the challenges of being a baby owl, and the places they like to live and hunt. The program concludes with a stunning video of the owls taken by a local photographer.

October 5th Wednesday 6:30PM – 8:00PM


Walk: This expedition will focus on where and how to look for the largest-sized owl of North America. Early departure time gives us a chance to perhaps see this great beast and grand phantom of the forest.

October 8th Saturday 6:30AM – NOON

Leaders:  Lee French, Mel Clements, and Shannon Rio




Talk: Because of our rich biodiversity, we have many birds that love the Rogue Valley at least for some part of the year … and for some all the year round. In this program, you’ll get to know these local birds and where best to find them through their life histories, stories, poems, photos, and bird sounds.

November 2nd Wednesday 6:30PM – 8:00PM


Walk: We follow up with an excursion visiting a variety of local hot spots to see the birds talked about in the presentation.

November 5th Saturday 8:30AM – 1PM

Leaders:  Lee French and Shannon Rio

Varied Thrush (c) 2016 Jim Livaudais



Cost:  $25 for each talk and walk (or $50 makes you a member of KBO). To sign up or if you have questions, contact


Carpooling (taking the fewest cars) is requested for the safety of the outing and ensures everyone sees the most birds.


Pacific Wren (c) 2016 Jim Livaudais

Upcoming Talk and Walk Classes

Sorry!  All the Spring 2016 Talk and Walk Classes are Sold Out!  Please Stay Tuned for Upcoming Summer and Fall Classes.

Klamath Bird Observatory’s popular Talk and Walk classes continue through the winter and into Spring. The Talks are held on Thursday evenings (except for the Jacksonville Woodlands class) at the KBO headquarters in Ashland and the Walk is held on the following Saturdays. To register contact Shannon Rio by eMail (shannonrio[AT] — the registration fee is $25 for each class. Don’t miss these fun and informative adventures in birding!



Great Gray Owl (c) 2016 Jim Lividais

Thursday MAY 5, 2016 6:30PM-8PM
Presented by Shannon Rio (KBO Board President)
KBO headquarters, Lincoln School, 320 Beach Street, Ashland, Oregon
Saturday MAY 7, 2016 2PM-6PM
Led by Lee French (Rogue Valley birding expert)
Outing is an afternoon in search of the Great Gray Owl upon the Cascades Plateau east of Ashland.



The TALK AND WALK classes offer a great chance to learn about birds, go on an outing with a bird guide expert, and visit Klamath Bird Observatory’s current headquarters. This workplace is offered to KBO through a partnership with the Ashland School district and provides our scientists and educators a space to work, collating our findings, applying for grants, and dreaming about how to study and protect birds and their habitats. Part of our dream is to someday have a new home — a place to continue our work and hopefully a site for banding, for educating, and for furthering conservation.

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