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“Forest for the Birds Webinar”: Effectiveness Monitoring – Evaluating the Effects of Forest Management on Bird Populations

Forest for the Birds

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service‚Äôs Forest Ecology Working Group, National Conservation Training Center, and Migratory Bird Program have developed a 12-part monthly lecture series to address the 50-year decline of 3 billion birds through partnerships, conservation science, and forest management. The series tells a compelling story about forest bird population declines, partnership opportunities, and forest management actions that can support bird population recovery and sustainability. Klamath Bird Observatory’s executive director John Alexander will be hosting a webinar on January 18th at 10 am PT, “Effectiveness Monitoring – Evaluating the Effects of Forest Management on Bird Populations”.

John will be discussing the monitoring triad: implementation, effectiveness, and validation monitoring. The data management tools that allow synthesis over large areas over long time periods. How population models address issues through management and the importance of feedback loops.

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