Little Butte Oak Initiative

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  KSON FIP Application 2021-2023

Registration: Halcyon Journey

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Registration: Bird Banding with KBO Scientists

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Registration for Beginner Bird Walk Zoom Presentation Only

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This form is for the Beginner Bird Walk Zoom Presentation on June 9th, at 7 pm ONLY

Registration for Beginner Bird Walk at North Mountain Park

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This form is for the Beginner Bird Walk at North Mountain Park on June 11th at 9 am and the Zoom presentation on June 9th at 7 pm.

Garden Party — COVID-19 Contact Tracing Form

Welcome to Shasta Valley Presentation Registration

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Welcome to Shasta Valley Car Registration

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Birds as Indicators of Klamath River Watershed Health

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Klamath Bird Observatory proposes applying the best available science and integrating avian focal species into conservation planning as a component of the Klamath River dam removal and restoration process. Birds are considered excellent indicators of ecosystem health because they respond relatively quickly to habitat change, individual focal species are sensitive to environmental variation at multiple trophic levels and at multiple spatial scales, and as a community, birds are relatively easy and cost-effective to monitor (RHJV 2004). Our data-rich tools provide quantitative measures of watershed health that can be used to evaluate management alternatives, set measurable management targets, inform on-the-ground restoration design, and provide a cost-effective means to monitor restoration outcomes and evaluate effectiveness of management actions. We will apply results from decades of monitoring in the Klamath Watershed, including management-relevant studies of Gold Ray Dam removal (S…

Garden Party at Grizzly Peak Registration

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