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Field Trips

Fall Birds, Fall Colors: Birding Fort Klamath

Prairie Falcon 72ppiField Trip on Saturday, Sept. 21, 8am - 4pm

KBO member Vince Zauskey and board president Shannon Rio will lead a field trip to the Fort Klamath area to look for birds not normally seen in the Rogue Valley. During this trip enjoy the splendor of this area’s aspen trees and other fall colors.

Some of the stops include Kimball State Park and the Wood River headwaters. Red Crossbill, Evening Grosbeak, Pygmy Nuthatch, Williamson’s Sapsucker and White-headed Woodpecker are all possibilities.. We will also stop at Rocky Point to look for water birds such as the White Pelican, Green Heron, and Belted Kingfisher. On the drive we will also look for resident raptors including Red-tailed Hawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, Northern Harrier, Bald Eagle, and fall migrants such as Rough-legged Hawk, Merlin, and Prairie Falcon.

Bring a lunch and beverage (no alcoholic beverages please), dress appropriately for cooler fall temperatures.

Vince Zauskey KBO Member 2006 72ppiVince Zauskey is a long-time member of the Rogue Valley Audubon Society. He has led field trips locally and regionally, he teaches bird classes at North Mountain Park, and he also conducts quarterly bird surveys. During the 1980’s and 90’s he did Northern Spotted Owl monitoring for both the U.S. Forest Service in northern California and the Medford office of the Bureau of Land Management.

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Shannon Rio is Board President of the Klamath Bird Observatory. As a wildlife educator, she glories in the connection to nature and sharing it with others.