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Conservation Stamps

Put your stamp on conservation! 

2019 Conservation Stamp Set 72ppi 3xXEach year, KBO offers a Conservation Stamp Set for purchase with proceeds supporting both national and regional conservation efforts. The two-stamp set includes:

1) The Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (the Duck Stamp), and

2) KBO’s Conservation Science Stamp.

Perks: With the stamps you receive free access to National Wildlife Refuges that charge fees and discounts on some KBO events.

The stamps feature art by Scot Storm and Erin Linton.

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The Federal Duck Stamp is among the most successful conservation tools ever created. Duck Stamp sales contribute directly to habitat conservation on our National Wildlife Refuges. KBO’s Conservation Science Stamp builds on this success by bringing additional support and attention to our regional science-driven conservation efforts.

By purchasing this set of conservation stamps, birders and hunters alike contribute directly to conservation efforts that benefit all birds. Together we are a powerful voice for conservation and together, by purchasing the Conservation Stamp Set, we are saying:

We believe conservation of non-game birds, gamebirds, and endangered species is a priority for our society.

Klamath Bird Observatory’s 2019 Conservation Stamp features the Hermit Warbler, a long-distance migrant that breeds in the Pacific Northwest and overwinters in western Mexico and Central America. KBO is collaborating with Oregon State University to track Hermit Warblers throughout their full annual cycle. As part of our Western Warblers Initiative, this research will expand our understanding of the migratory ecology and connectivity of the Hermit Warbler. Our knowledge of western warbler migration is extremely limited and results from the Western Warblers Initiative will guide and improve full life cycle conservation for these poorly understood and vulnerable songbirds..

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