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BottleDrop Nonprofit Program

Donate your Recycling

KBO is now a part of the BottleDrop Nonprofits program. Thanks to BottleDrop, you can recycle your cans and bottles and then donate the deposit received to your favorite nonprofit (KBO). All you need is a free BottleDrop account, and you can start donating your recycling today. Below are steps on how to set up a BottleDrop account, where you can drop off your recycling, and how to donate to KBO.

How to Set Up a Bottle Drop Account

Visit and click Create Account on the right side of the page. Pictured Below. Follow the steps. You can also create an account at the kiosk located at the BottleDrop sites.


Where You Can Drop Off Your Cans and Bottles

Once you have an account, click here to find a BottleDrop location near you to start recycling.

How to Donate to KBO

Now that you have an account and funds, you can donate the funds to KBO to support bird conservation. To do that, visit BottleDrop and log into your account. Click view details under Use Give, circled in red below.

Next, click on Search Nonprofits in orange. Once you have done that then you can search for Klamath Bird Observatory. It will walk you through the steps to donate available funds to KBO.