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Garden Party Artists

The Garden Party at Grizzly Peak Winery is host to 4 astounding artists, Tish Mcfadden, Beth Martin, Judy Bjorlie, and Paula Fong. During the event, you will have time to browse and purchase their art. As well as drink delicious wine, enjoy light hors d’oeuvres, and listen to lovely melodies.  The Garden Party is on Saturday, April 30th, 1 pm – 4 pm tickets are $75 per person and are available here. The bios of attending artists are below.

Tish Mcfadden

Tish McFadden is a published author, songwriter, music teacher, and former archaeologist for the US Forest Service. Tish’s writing has been featured on radio, book tours, and trade shows. Tish writes professionally in multiple genres including children’s books, autobiographical essays, and guidebooks. She has also served as editor on numerous literary projects.

For the Garden Party, Tish will be selling and showcasing her book Song of the Redwing. Wild marshland habitats create a spectacular symphony for the senses. Here, between bog and sky, assorted creatures of water, land, and air live closely together in balance. Red-winged Blackbirds are amongst the most common and striking members of this animated community. Their primal call is heard across cattail marshes and duckweed swamps in early spring through late fall. Their distinctive wing patch of red and gold makes identifying this wild bird easy – even for young children. Song of the Redwing presents a birds-eye view of life in the marsh from one sunrise to the next. Laura Winslow’s watercolor illustrations portray a lively wetland, giving visual form to Tish McFadden’s rhythm and rhyme. Words and illustrations harmonize in Song of the Redwing, and together further its nature-based message – inviting readers of all ages into the wondrous habitat of a marsh. Backmatter offers fun facts about Redwing’s neighbors. Time spent in wild places offers young people a taste of unbounded spaciousness – ongoing to something far greater than themselves. Taking children into nature is like walking them onto the pages of this picture book. Every step, each page turn, delivers colorful surprises.

Watch the book trailer here.

Paula Fong

Flicker by Paula Fong

Paula R. Fong specializes in illustrating plants and animals in their natural habitat. Her unique blend of detailed artistry and scientific accuracy has won her praise from both artists and scientists alike. She received her B.S. in Biology from Denison University and her M.S. in Forest Ecology from the College of Forestry, Oregon State University. Her twelve years as a soil scientist and ecologist with the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service gives her a unique perspective of the art in nature. Paula’s primary medium is watercolor with pen and ink. She has illustrated numerous scientific publications, plant and wildlife posters, trail guides, and interpretative trail signs. She lives on a mountain top in rural Southern Oregon.

Visit her site to see more of her work.




Judy Bjorlie

The artwork Judy Bjorlie will be displayed by her sister. Judy passed away in 2018 but her stunning art lives on. She was also a cellist with the Rogue Valley Symphony and the Britt Festival Orchestra. Paintings by Judy Bjorlie show her recent work with color theory as taught by Stephen Quiller. Each painting was approached with a different mix of color choices and/or color theory including mixing those gorgeous grayed tones in between complimentary colors. Represented in this work are: Complimentary Relationships, Analogous Color, Color Families, Double Analogous Color Relationships, and Triad Color relationships.




Beth Martin

As a member of the Water Color Society of Oregon and a published illustrator, Beth Martin has shown in galleries, coffee shops, and businesses, has paintings hanging in homes in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Mazatlan, MX, and has sold many cards. One of her paintings was chosen to be used for the Gala Forty Year Anniversary Ball for the Harlem Dance Theatre of New York, and shown across the country on Fox News and other advertising venues. There are many ways to approach a painting: from life, plain air, photos, and imagination. She loves them all. Beth tends to use a limited palette, feeling that it is harmonizing, and blending colors both on the palette and on the paper. She feels that watercolor seems to have a mind of its own – and enjoys partnerships – “if the paint does something I don’t intend, I try to make something of it. Sometimes itʼs the best part of the painting! Discovery.”

You can read more about Beth Martin here.

Chickadee by Beth Boyd Martin
Turkeys by Beth Boyd Martin








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