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KBO’s Executive Director Featured in Point Blue Quarterly!

John Alexander, KBO co-founder and Executive Director is featured in the current edition of the Point Blue Quarterly. Conservation Frontman: John Alexander, Klamath Bird Observatory describes the energy, focus, and passion John brings to the enduring Point Blue—KBO partnership. Point Blue leaders and John himself share perspectives of their collaborations that are making a positive […]

An Unprecedented Legacy: KBO’s International Training Program

By Dr. Jared Wolfe, KBO Research Associate Central and South America host the most diverse bird communities on Earth. The dizzying array of antbirds, cotingas, manakins, and woodcreepers have captured the imagination of naturalists for centuries and subsequently fueled investigations into the origins of life itself. Charles Darwin wrote in 1839 regarding finches of the […]

Bad News Bears of Birding & Birdathon News

Ah, spring, when young persons’ fancies turn to thoughts of bird migration and YES! The Birdathon! It’s a high point of the year for our team, the Great Greys. It started out to be an excuse to spend some quality time with pals, looking for birds. But we were subjected to some serious ridicule a […]

One of Our Bird Monitoring Stations is 25 Years Old!

Klamath Bird Observatory’s Pacific Crest Trail #1 (PCT1) long-term bird monitoring station, operated in partnership with Klamath National Forest, turns 25 this May—older than some of this year’s volunteer interns! The station’s resilience was recognized in the latest MAPS Chat—the annual newsletter of the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship Program to which we contribute data […]

For the Birds: Immense Possibilities is Rebroadcasting an Episode Featuring Klamath Bird Observatory

If you missed your first opportunity or would like a chance to see it again, this week Immense Possibilities will be rebroadcasting the episode For the Birds featuring Klamath Bird Observatory’s Executive Director John Alexander and Science Director Jaime Stephens. Watch this episode:  Friday November 20th, 2015 at 8:30pm Pacific Time on SOPTV or streaming at […]

KBO’s Post-doctoral Fellow Awarded Young Professional Award

  Klamath Bird Observatory is proud to announce that Jared Wolfe, KBO’s Post-doctoral Fellow, was awarded the prestigious Cooper Ornithological Society’s 2015 Young Professional Award. The recognition was awarded to Jared based on his track record of producing meaningful science focused on the impacts of climate and habitat change on tropical and temperate birds. In […]

For the Birds: Klamath Bird Observatory featured on Immense Possibilities with Jeff Golden

  IP422 – For the Birds from Immense Possibilities on Vimeo.

KBO’s 2015 Bullock’s Rose Oriole Volunteer Award Goes to Sandy Jilton

*** NEWS RELEASE — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE *** June 1, 2015 Contact: Marcella Rose Sciotto,, 541-201-0866 Klamath Bird Observatory is proud to announce that Sandy Jilton is the first recipient of our new Bullock’s Rose Oriole Volunteer Award. This award has been established to recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding service as volunteers helping Klamath […]

Un-feathered Friends of Fuller

The Klamath Bird Observatory‘s Board President Harry Fuller was recently honored for his career in television, which spanned nearly forty years in the San Francisco Bay area. A group of dear friends who are part of Harry’s media cohort started the Harry Fuller Fund; currently over $2500 has been donated in honor of Harry to help […]

KBO Interns Succeed in Science and Conservation

Over the past 19 years, Klamath Bird Observatory has hosted over 170 student volunteer interns from 16 countries and 23 of the US states.  Our objective with each individual has been to create a safe and fun learning experience, with the hope that we impart some positive influence on their academic and professional careers.  Certainly, […]


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