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Bird Bio: Acorn Woodpecker

Bird Bio: Acorn Woodpecker By Ellie Armstrong, KBO Research and Monitoring Intern The Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus) is common year-round in oak woodlands near the West Coast. Oregon was believed to hold the most northerly population of this species until a colony was discovered in Washington in 1989. Considered clown-faced in appearance, the Acorn Woodpecker’s […]

The 2014 Wild Bird Educational Series

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The Grange Co-op is hosting a fundraiser for Klamath Bird Observatory. There will be three different educational talks about wild birds in our area. Each talk will be held on the second Saturday of each month in January, February, and March from 10-11am. Each presentation will be held in the Swingle training room at the […]

Christmas Bird Count Shows Northward Movement of Birds

Earlier this week, KBO Board President Harry Fuller discussed Ashland’s annual Christmas Bird Count with the Ashland Daily Tidings newspaper. The full article can be found by clicking this link to the newspaper’s website. Eight bird species detected by birdwatchers on past Ashland Christmas Bird Counts were not present in the Ashland area 50 years […]

Encounter with a Mountain Bluebird

It is impossible for me to tell someone about my favorite bird without breaking into a smile, sometimes even laughter.  Whenever I miss being a full-time field biologist I think of the Mountain Bluebird, but not just any Mountain Bluebird, specifically the first one I ever saw. The sighting occurred at the end of a […]

Remarkable Recapture of a Migratory Thrush

By Brandon Breen, Klamath Bird Observatory Science Communications Breaking News! Former KBO Intern captures a remarkable bird in the highlands of western Colombia, 2,714 miles from where it was originally banded! Andrés Henao and colleagues were banding birds this week in the highlands of Colombia near the town of Las Margaritas, and on December 17th […]

Landbird Monitoring in the Klamath Network

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By Brandon Breen, Klamath Bird Observatory Science Communications and Outreach This article originally appeared in Klamath Kaleidoscope, the official newsletter of the Klamath Network Inventory & Monitoring Program. Starting in 2008, Klamath Bird Observatory—in partnership with the National Park Service’s Klamath Network—has been carrying out landbird monitoring at six national park units in northern California […]

The Ferruginous Hawk

By Harry Fuller, Klamath Bird Observatory Board President The first scientific specimen of the Ferruginous Hawk was shot by Ferdinand Deppe near Monterey, California in 1834. The first scientific description, based on that specimen, was written by Martin Heinrich Lichtenstein in 1838 in Berlin. American naturalists, including John James Audubon, remained ignorant of the species […]

The Rough-legged Hawk

By Harry Fuller, Klamath Bird Observatory Board President The Rough-legged Hawk is the signature species of Klamath Basin in winter. It’s not as large as either eagle, not as abundant as Red-tailed Hawks, not as singular in flight path as the Northern Harrier, slower than either Prairie Falcon or Peregrine, it doesn’t form eye-catching monotone […]

Christmas Bird Count Season

By Harry Fuller, Klamath Bird Observatory Board President The oldest and most venerable citizen science effort on earth is the annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC). It began back in 1900 with a handful of counters across a few states. The CBC was initially seen as a way to counter what was then a major holiday […]

Saving Birds with Coffee: The View from Nicaragua’s Highlands

By Scott Weidensaul, Author and Naturalist This article first appeared on the American Bird Conservancy Blog. Migratory birds—which must overcome so many natural challenges as they journey from one end of the globe to another—are having a much harder time overcoming the obstacles that humans have added to the mix: habitat loss, environmental contaminants, climate […]


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