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2013 State of the Birds Report: Bird Populations Depend on Private Lands

A new national report released today by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, and contributed to by local science-based non-profit Klamath Bird Observatory, highlights the considerable extent to which native bird populations in the United States depend on private lands. Significantly, the 2013 State of the Birds Report on Private Lands also demonstrates that conservation […]

Close Encounters of the Woodpecker Kind

Close Encounters of the Woodpecker Kind By Harry Fuller, Klamath Bird Observatory Board President I learned two things today about White-headed Woodpeckers: (1) The “white” head is not all white up close and (2) the male has a brood patch as well as the female, meaning he helps incubate eggs. How did I find out? […]

Registration Open for KBO Summer Camps

Registration Open for KBO Summer Camps Calling all kids! Come have fun while learning about science and the natural world through Klamath Bird Observatory summer camps at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum. We will play, explore, and learn together! Read descriptions of the week-long summer camps below, and register on the ScienceWorks website. Sign up before spaces […]

Migrating Birds and Biologists

Migrating birds met migrating biologists in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion as Klamath Bird Observatory (KBO) engaged community members on International Migratory Bird Day on May 11th. Tatiana Straatman of Brazil and Liberato Pop of Belize were among the KBO biologists demonstrating bird banding and survey methods used to monitor bird populations and inform conservation efforts. KBO […]

Pub Talk with John Alexander

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May 21, 2013; 8-9:00 p.m Featuring John Alexander, Executive Director, Klamath Bird Observatory The Playwright Public House 258 A STREET Ashland, OR 97520 In this ScienceWorks Pub Talk, John will review the history of conservation policy in the United States, summarize the state of the birds in our nation, and discuss how Klamath Bird Observatory improves conservation […]

Sage Grouse Sunrise

Harry Fuller, KBO Board Member Up at 4AM. On the road before 5AM. Parked on a dirt road in sagebrush country before 6AM. It’s 34 outside, fingers turn numb because the windows have to be open to shoot pics. Four male Sage Grouse are on the lek. The huffing, puffing, dancing and bellow notes of […]

International Banding Workshop

John D Alexander, Klamath Bird Observatory Executive Director This article is the fourth installment in the series Achieving Partners in Flight Strategic Goals and Objectives. Partners in Flight’s ability to support full life cycle conservation and direct bird conservation resources toward the highest priority needs requires detailed information about bird populations. Constant effort mist netting […]

KBO’s Formative Years: 2000-2003

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By John D Alexander, KBO Executive Director From an expanding regional bird monitoring program, KBO fledged as an institution supporting observation-based science and its application to conservation and land management. By the time KBO was incorporated in 2000 we were implementing our Klamath Basin bird monitoring plan out of our field stations on Upper Klamath […]

White-eyed Vireos Visit Costa Rica

By Pablo “Chespi” Elizondo, Costa Rica Bird Observatories Executive Director Background: Klamath Bird Observatory and USDA Forest Service Redwood Sciences Laboratory have a long-running international capacity building program that is supported by the Forest Service’s International Programs.  Costa Rica Bird Observatories is one of the most notable success stories.  Emerging from monitoring effort that began […]

KBO in the Nest: 1992-1996

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By John D Alexander, KBO Executive Director Partners In Flight (PIF) is a cooperative effort involving federal, state, and local government agencies, philanthropic foundations, professional organizations, conservation groups, industry, the academic community, and private individuals to conserve bird populations in this hemisphere. KBO grew from Partners In Flight research and monitoring efforts that were designed […]


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