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Klamath Bird Observatory Calls For Volunteers

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The Klamath Bird Observatory is looking for volunteers for a pair of field trips. These trips will take place on May 20th and May 21st for fourth/fifth grade students and third grade students respectively. These trips will make up KBO’s fourth season of coordination with Chiloquin Elementary to take students to such locations as the […]

Great Blue Herons Return

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April 4, 2011 Great Blue Herons Return to Breeding Colonies. Press Release. March 29th, 2011. “Homing in on Herons: Biologists will survey Great Blue Heron rookery sites in Southern Oregon and statewide to see how the species is doing.” Medford Mail Tribune. April 4th, 2011.

Rest Stop

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During the spring and summer many birds are migrating thousands of miles and often right over our homes. Along the way birds use “rest stops” to eat food, drink and rest. Migration itself is the most dangerous part of a bird’s life but now, with ever changing landscapes many places that used to  provide birds […]

KBO Receives a US Forest Service International Award

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The US Forest Service’s Wings Across the Americas Program has recently awarded John Alexander, KBO’s Executive Director, an international award for bird conservation. The Klamath Bird Observatory has been active not only in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion, which makes up parts of southern Oregon and northern California, but also has partnered with Costa Rica Bird Observatories […]

Wings Across the Americas

Klamath Bird Observatory’s executive director John Alexander has recently been awarded for his years of effort in conservation through international partnerships. The U.S forest service awarded him the Wings Across the Americas award, recognizing the partnership between KBO, Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad in Costa Rica and Dr. C.J Ralph of the U.S Forest Service in […]

Migratory Mysteries

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The analysis of toenails and feathers may provide clues to where birds, such as song sparrows, spend their winters. Barbara Massey and staff of the Klamath Bird Observatory spent last spring collecting these tissue samples, which they hope will answer this question through analysis of hydrogen levels. As Barbara explains in an article for the […]

Bird Observatory Holds Talk On Climate-Change Issues

The Mail Tribune recently posted an announcement concerning a workshop that the Klamath Bird Observatory will be hosting on October 19th and 20th. Meeting at this workshop will be climate change scientists, biologists, educators, and land managers from a variety of institutions. The workshop will be held at the Best Western Windsor Inn. The full […]

Klamath Bird Observatory Raising Funds And Fun

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The Klamath Bird Observatory and its supporters will meet Sunday for the Wings and Wine Gala at Hanley Farm. The gala will raise money for the observatory, which collects data regarding local bird populations and, though that data, examines the health of the ecosystem. All of this makes a big difference to land managers, who […]

Bird Bio: Eared Grebe

By: Liz Williams, KBO Education Specialist (AmeriCorps) This summer KBO is implementing its third season of aquatic bird surveys as part of the OregonCoordinated Aquatic Bird Monitoring Program. As part of this coordinated monitoring effort, KBO is focusing on seven species of marsh-nesting, colonial aquatic birds, including the Eared Grebe—Podiceps nigricollis. The Eared Grebe is the most abundant grebe species in North America, with an […]

Klamath Bird Observatory To Host Wings & Wine Gala

An alert for the Klamath Bird Observatory’s third annual Wings & Wine Gala on September 25th appeared on My Outdoor Buddy. The Gala is a chance to connect with other Birders and will include local dining, live music and an auction. Auction items will include art, birding tours, and binoculars amongst other items. The full […]


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