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Klamath Call Note

Rotary Grant Awarded for Sustainability Work in Mexico

The Rotary Foundation and Rotary District 5110 of Oregon and northern California have awarded a Humanitarian Grant of $12,000 to fund an international capacity building project to be implemented in partnership with San Pancho Bird Observatory in Mexico and Ashland-based Klamath Bird Observatory.  The Rotary Club of Ashland, collaborating with the Jaltemba Bay Rotary Club […]

Hummingbirds in the Local News

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KBO Executive Director John Alexander and Science Director Jaime Stephens were interviewed recently for a general interest article on hummingbirds. The article titled Hummingbirds: Unique Species in the Air appeared in the Siskiyou Daily News on 31 July, 2013. Click here to read the article to learn about hummingbirds in the region and best practices […]

Paddling for Bird Conservation

By Brandon Breen, KBO Science Communications and Outreach Recently, I went paddling for bird conservation on the Trinity River in northern California. I traveled here for ten days as a biologist for the Klamath Bird Observatory; my job was to conduct bird surveys by kayak along several stretches of the river, along with my field […]

Junco on the Move

22 July, 2013 By Brandon Breen, KBO Science Communications and Outreach An Oregon Junco originally banded in the Central Valley of California (on 19 January, 2008 by Point Blue Conservation Science, formerly PRBO) reappeared four and a half years later, on 10 October, 2012, at a Klamath Bird Observatory banding station located 20 miles east/northeast […]

Ovenbird Pays Surprise Visit

By Robert Frey, KBO Research Biologist 16 July, 2013 KBO biologists captured, banded, and released an Ovenbird today at our Upper Klamath Lake field station – a species rarely encountered in Oregon. It was determined to be an after-hatching year bird (hatched in 2012 or before), age and sex unknown. The Ovenbird is considered a […]

KBO Speaks to Jefferson Exchange about the State of the Birds on Private Lands

John Alexander and Jaime Stephens from Klamath Bird Observatory and Marko Bey from Lomakatsi Restoration Project spoke with the Jefferson Exchange radio program about the status and health of bird populations in the United States. Their conversation follows the release of the 2013 US State of the Birds Report on Private Lands, which draws attention […]

2013 State of the Birds Report: Bird Populations Depend on Private Lands

A new national report released today by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, and contributed to by local science-based non-profit Klamath Bird Observatory, highlights the considerable extent to which native bird populations in the United States depend on private lands. Significantly, the 2013 State of the Birds Report on Private Lands also demonstrates that conservation […]

Close Encounters of the Woodpecker Kind

Close Encounters of the Woodpecker Kind By Harry Fuller, Klamath Bird Observatory Board President I learned two things today about White-headed Woodpeckers: (1) The “white” head is not all white up close and (2) the male has a brood patch as well as the female, meaning he helps incubate eggs. How did I find out? […]

Registration Open for KBO Summer Camps

Registration Open for KBO Summer Camps Calling all kids! Come have fun while learning about science and the natural world through Klamath Bird Observatory summer camps at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum. We will play, explore, and learn together! Read descriptions of the week-long summer camps below, and register on the ScienceWorks website. Sign up before spaces […]

Migrating Birds and Biologists

Migrating birds met migrating biologists in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion as Klamath Bird Observatory (KBO) engaged community members on International Migratory Bird Day on May 11th. Tatiana Straatman of Brazil and Liberato Pop of Belize were among the KBO biologists demonstrating bird banding and survey methods used to monitor bird populations and inform conservation efforts. KBO […]